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Mail Shout

Typed this up for the station I volunteer at – it is a Newsletter.

Howdy! Hope you’re well?

Spring is Springing and I have some exciting Station News for everyone. We have 2 new, amazing series starting this weekend! 

On Saturday at 2pm Our Gate starts on Harrogate Community Radio. It is a community show, by the community and Jack Sinclair is your host! Jack cut his chops on Vox Pod and The Present Age, so to find out how to tune in to the broadcast head HERE. If you want to find out more about the Our Gate radio show head to www.harrogatetheatre.co.uk/ourgate

And, to spoil you, we have the launch of Curiosity Cake on Sunday – who doesn’t like cake! Curiosity Cake is a show that recognises the amazing things that humans do. It’s a show for adults who have not lost their child-like sense of curiosity about the world and the people in it. Hosted by Lee Delaney, a recent arrival to Harrogate, you can catch his show this Sunday at midday.

So, that is about it. If you want a go at making a show then get in contact; find out what to do HERE.

Speak soon?

Ps – If you ever have anything to say about the station then you can reply to this email and I will get back to you. After all, this is your station.

Newsletter, Harrogate Community Radio

It will be going out Friday at 7pm – if you want to keep up to date with Harrogate Community Radio just sign up on their site – you can find the site at www.harrogatecommunityradio.online

I do most of the mail. It is a Good Thing.

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