An Instagram Exorcism

An Instagram Exorcism is happening right now to my work account @DrewsADesigner – it was needed. I had over 1,100 Ghost followers and that was terrible for business – very low turn over on the likage. IG (as it is known) is fond of dedicated fans of your content – folk who like your stuff. Hopefully this will get my designs noticed. I will be building up the my list again sometime soon… organically this…

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I admit I have been working a bit too hard recently. As a result, I am having to now limit my screen time and engage in my Daily Practice forcibly, even though I don’t want to. It can be quite a grind but to not enjoy engaging in your Daily’s is exactly what they are there for. Well, what is a Daily Practice? Well, nothing esoteric here; it is just an activity you do every day. It…

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