Review (Of Sorts) – Shin Godzilla

In the Kevin Smith film, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob talk about “… the internet movie site, Poop Shoot dot com”. It is where everyone can post an opinion about a film, regardless if they are qualified or not. That website is a bit like this post. I hope to write a short think-piece about a film I just saw; I saw Shin Godzilla. I will stipulate I am no movie buff – I would…

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Review (Of Sorts)

La Jetée

The movie that inspired Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys, Chris Marker’s La jetée is a landmark of science-fiction filmmaking, a 28-minute masterpiece told almost entirely in still frames. Set in a post-apocalyptic near-future, it tells the story of an unnamed man whose vivid childhood recollections make him the perfect guinea pig for an experiment in time travel. After a lengthy and nightmarish period of conditioning, he is sent into the past, where he falls in love…

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