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Post-Birthday Feel Goods

Published 11 February 2021 in Social , Creativity - 0 Comments

This is the post for the 11th of February – I am Forty Years old and a day. I am happy. Scooby joined us for a garden-beer, all socially distanced last night, in the snow; we were wrapped up snuggly and the cold did not get to us. Scooby got me a Studio One T-Shirt. […]

Hark, The Sound Of Wonder!

Published 12 January 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I am quite fortunate in that I produce a lot of content. I am unfortunate that most of this goes by the wayside. However, one item that has been picked up by local radio stations, that I am a part of – and proud to be, is Sound Of Wonder. One of the constants in […]

Radical Radix

Published 10 January 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

Roots Conversation is something I am part of – It is a roots reggae podcast that I help host; along with two great mates, Allan & Stewart. Roots Conversation is an excuse to party every week – it is my downtime. Things have been on pause with the partying recently, due to Covid. We have […]

Well, I Am Part Of A Podcast

Published 21 April 2020 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I am unsure if anyone other than my immediate friends knows I am part of Guerrilla Dub System. We had quite a few top-five hits in the charts years ago and never really capitalised on it by playing out live. Allan went off to Drop Leg Steppers and I disappeared up my Sound Art. But […]