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3 Releases From Focused Silence

Published 7 March 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I will go in to more detail nearer the time – but I am pleased with these releases; it seems a return to form for the label. I run Focused Silence, the experimental label in Yorkshire. What are these releases? Well… Ben Glas Ben Glas is a composer based in Berlin studying towards his MA. […]

Two New Shows Out In The Æther

Published 19 February 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I have two new episodes of podcasts out in the æther. The first was recorded in the small hours of yesterday. That is The Parish News – you can listen to it below – I also have the reggae show sorted – that was keeping me up late, making me pull a late one; I […]

Post-Birthday Feel Goods

Published 11 February 2021 in Social , Creativity - 0 Comments

This is the post for the 11th of February – I am Forty Years old and a day. I am happy. Scooby joined us for a garden-beer, all socially distanced last night, in the snow; we were wrapped up snuggly and the cold did not get to us. Scooby got me a Studio One T-Shirt. […]

Me, Allan + Scooby

Published 4 February 2021 in Uncategorised - 0 Comments

… we make a podcast together and we are all really good mates. Here is the latest episode of the podcast, it is called Roots Conversation. I can’t really go in to how much that pair of knuckle draggers mean to me – far from perfect people but just right in my eyes. We argue. […]

“The Cloud Of Unknowing”

Published 25 January 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

With a firm nod of the head to Neoplatonic Classical Theology, I released an album today called “The Cloud Of Unknowing” – it’s ace! I am unsure who wrote The Cloud Of Unknowing (or, indeed of it is an actual book and not a phantasm of my fevered mind) but I have taken inspiration / […]

My New Media Set Up

Published 24 January 2021 in Review (Of Sorts) - 1 Comment

I needed a music set up that would work with SONOS and my iPhone – something that would help me store my massive collection(s) of music. I thought about Apple Music – But, I have several Libraries for that; a Dub Library for Guerrilla Dub System, an arty Library for regular poncing and other, different […]

Data Silo Fun!

Published 13 January 2021 in Procrastination - 0 Comments

It has been a trying few days, with my health – so, I firmly buried my head on the sand and fiddled whilst Rome burned. What was the medium for this months drama-reducing fiddling? It was MusicBrainz. MusicBrainz is a music / musician data silo which feeds lots of aggregated apps, such as Plex & […]

Working On Things For Record Labels

Published 11 January 2021 in Procrastination - 0 Comments

Today has been spent in front of equipment. A variety of equipment with a variety of lights on it – I have been mastering the remix album for BirdWorld‘s debut, UNDA. There are a couple of choice gems on the album – including tracks by Iain Chambers, Olefonken and Katharina Schmidt – Quasim Naqvi also […]

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