A Good W/E

My sleep gave me respite and I managed to get up in to the Dales to visit my folks over the weekend, on Sunday. Michael (+family) & Alison were there and it was a good catch up. The reason for getting together was that it was Dad’s birthday celebration. He completes another year soon and… Continue reading A Good W/E

Qually Reesh

Qually reesh, mega-bobbins, and! Balderdash that spleens the hump But, flixly – like a noogins it quitters ninjangled and does buxomly. For the Kinkoob doth hex nimbly like qually reesh, it is afore-flexed! Bimbling the bimjamble as a … what? As a Non-Mangle! As a Flitterest! And as a trunkdoor! Bumfudge, I say … it’s… Continue reading Qually Reesh

Tings ‘n Stuff

I have just returned from 10 Dev (Devonshire Tap House as it has been renamed). It was a lively sesh with Scooby and my wife. We talked a good bit and had some excellent beers. Scooby has just returned from Berlin and I am writing this as a “Bookmark” on the month’s proceeding – to… Continue reading Tings ‘n Stuff

HCR Open Day

There was an open day for the station I volunteer with. Harogate Community Radio held an open day at Creao Studio to help people get in to broadcasting. The turn out was reasonable. But, what got me was that everyone who came there ended up wanting a show – there was a 100% Conversion rate… Continue reading HCR Open Day