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Mail Shout

Typed this up for the station I volunteer at – it is a Newsletter.

Howdy! Hope you’re well?

Spring is Springing and I have some exciting Station News for everyone. We have 2 new, amazing series starting this weekend! 

On Saturday at 2pm Our Gate starts on Harrogate Community Radio. It is a community show, by the community and Jack Sinclair is your host! Jack cut his chops on Vox Pod and The Present Age, so to find out how to tune in to the broadcast head HERE. If you want to find out more about the Our Gate radio show head to www.harrogatetheatre.co.uk/ourgate

And, to spoil you, we have the launch of Curiosity Cake on Sunday – who doesn’t like cake! Curiosity Cake is a show that recognises the amazing things that humans do. It’s a show for adults who have not lost their child-like sense of curiosity about the world and the people in it. Hosted by Lee Delaney, a recent arrival to Harrogate, you can catch his show this Sunday at midday.

So, that is about it. If you want a go at making a show then get in contact; find out what to do HERE.

Speak soon?

Ps – If you ever have anything to say about the station then you can reply to this email and I will get back to you. After all, this is your station.

Newsletter, Harrogate Community Radio

It will be going out Friday at 7pm – if you want to keep up to date with Harrogate Community Radio just sign up on their site – you can find the site at www.harrogatecommunityradio.online

I do most of the mail. It is a Good Thing.


A New Media

I set myself a challenge last week to try and listen to more radio, specifically Harrogate Community Radio. However, this Blog post references my hero, Don Quixote, the hidalgo from La Mancha. Some would say running an online radio station in a media saturated environment is a bit like Don Quixote’s Quest… but it all loops in to one story.

What I have gleaned from the reading Cervantes book, Don Quixote, is that the windmills weren’t his problem, it was the tilting.

In Cervantes’ day, ’tilting’ was a word for jousting. You tilted your lance at an enemy and attacked.

Don Quixote was noted for believing that the windmills in the distance were giants, and he spent his days on attack.

Cultural Shift can look like a windmill.

When we say, “the transition to a new place is making me uncomfortable,” we’ve expressed something truthful. But when we attack a windmill, we’ve wasted our time and missed an opportunity to focus on what matters instead.

I have been reading a bit (online/eReader) about “Change Agents”. A change agent is the external force that puts change into motion. The change agent, once identified, gives us an understanding of our options and the need to respond, not to react.

Every normal is a new normal, until it is replaced by another one. Hell, look at this Harrogate radio station….

So, if you want to become a self-styled Change Agent or just want to text all your mates that you are on the radio – get in contact with the station I volunteer at. Full details of what to do to get on the radio can be found at harrogateradio.link/opencall

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I Dunno. Tides, Boat and Stuff…

First: If you come up with an innovation that creates value, that value is multiplied a million-fold because now you can share it outside your village.

Second: If you build a community, the network effect creates increasing amounts of value as more people use it.

And the pothole: As we race to create value, it’s easy to forget that it’s unevenly distributed. A safety net isn’t perfect, but it’s better than no net at all.

Rising tides lift all boats, but we’re not boats.

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Back In To Field Recording

Back in to field recording – I am glad I am, too.

I went for a bimble today and I used it as an excuse to celotape two microphones to my head. I have the gear – I am just not using it to the extent I hoped I would have the faculties to do so. What gear? Field recording gear, silly.

Field recording is capturing the audio heritage of a location. Capturing the happenstance of chance meetings and bird song, trees rumblings and downpours.

Here is the recording form today –

It is of a walk to Claro Road, down the back of Ten Devonshire. It had quie a bit of wind noise that I edited out.

The recording is now part of a project I have revamped called Sound Map Of Harrogate. That is a hoot – I spend far too long on these projects. But, first, sleep… I am knackered after pulling an all nighter.

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That Was That, Then: January 2021

There are around ten hours left of January 2021 so I thought that for this post I would write a quick recap of the month.

It was the month that I started my #365BlogChallenge – where I write a post for every single day of the year – I seem to be out the blocks and in to the first bend. How am I coping with the challenge? It is making me think ‘what the hell shall I write for today’s blog post?’ a lot but it is proving a good vent. Almost cathartic.

I am still finding my writing style which is the purpose of the #365BlogChallenge – it will hopefully let me grow in to a better writer, a better Blogger, for the work I do as a web designer and digital content creator. Visitor hits to Ijo Pona are good – always a steady average and I am very grateful for every visitor. If you have got much worth from any of the Blog posts in January then please, by all means, leave a comment in the footer of the post.

It’ll be good to hear from you!

The rest of my Sunday will be spent procrastinating – a task I excel at, Commonwealth Champion standard. I hope to be up at the studio at some point but, other than that; I ate three Jam Doughnuts for breakfast and the day is off to a great start.

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“To The Boozer!”

Lock Down 3.0 is really starting to bite. I miss my friends and I miss my family – but the back drop to meeting these groups of people (extended family and others) is the Boozer. I really, really miss the Boozer.


Well it is not for the selection of beers – I have the nation’s breweries poised at the click of a mouse, ready to send me a selection of cans. Granted, there is a narrower selection of beer in the Boozer than there is nationally, but closed systems mean cross pollination and you will try more different beers in a pub – you will be forced to try new beers as the pumps change.

See, some people meditate. Some people do yoga. Instead of these things, I visit the Boozer for four or five pints and I have some ‘me’ time. Yes, I probably get under the staffs feet and I can be a bit growly but they are pretty much used to me now.

Calling in to a Boozer in the afternoon, after a hard mornings work, was a luxury – and I miss it.

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What Is Tolerance?

Tolerance means two things:

  1. In high-quality manufacturing, producing to tolerance means that all the parts are as identical as possible. Getting the tolerances precise permits cars to be made more reliably, and for production to run more effectively.
  2. In human beings, tolerance creates resilience. Tolerance of different abilities and preferences makes it easy to work with diversity of thought and approach and expertise, enabling better outcomes.

Tolerance doesn’t mean permitting behaviour that undermines the community. In fact, it requires that we put the community first. Instead, it’s a willingness to focus on contribution instead of compliance.

I need to choose wisely. Are we working with machined parts or with people?

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All forward motion disappoints someone.

If you serve one audience, you’ve let another down. One focus means that something else got ignored. If you create something scarce, someone won’t get their hands on it.

The very act of creation means that it won’t be the ideal solution for everyone.

On the other hand, with certainty, we know that doing nothing disappoints an even larger group of people.

The opportunity is to find someone to delight and to embrace the fact that someone is not everyone.


Forward Motion & Those It Leaves Behind


Data Silo Fun!

It has been a trying few days, with my health – so, I firmly buried my head on the sand and fiddled whilst Rome burned. What was the medium for this months drama-reducing fiddling? It was MusicBrainz.

MusicBrainz is a music / musician data silo which feeds lots of aggregated apps, such as Plex & the BBC, and it acts like a central database for the information about releases.

There are a few errors that need ironing out – but, I have been productive despite the background noise. Turns out fiddling, doing the small stuff is good for the soul.

I have achieved a great amount of ‘Good Things’ without getting dressed or having a shower – a huge amount of productive work that will stand the test of time. Data-wise, there is a trace of me for the rest of the internet.

This is quite humbling to tell you the truth. Thanks for the opportunity.

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Working On Things For Record Labels

Today has been spent in front of equipment. A variety of equipment with a variety of lights on it – I have been mastering the remix album for BirdWorld‘s debut, UNDA. There are a couple of choice gems on the album – including tracks by Iain Chambers, Olefonken and Katharina Schmidt – Quasim Naqvi also makes an appearance.

The release will see the light of day on Focused Silence – the experimental record label in Yorkshire. I have a hand in that, much as I have a hand in Sigil Of Brass, the mastering studio.

So, much of a muchness…

The masters need listening back to with fresh ears. But, hell I have put my all in to them. I will run them past Allan at Creao and see what he makes to them. Sigil Of Brass is based inside Creao – I rent space from him there. Creao is a recording studio at the top of my road. Right laugh. If you want to find out more about Creao head to www.creao.uk.

Not much else happened today, although I am glad I am not yet taking photos of my tea for the #365BlogChallenge

All the best, Andy x


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