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Well, I Failed The #365BlogChallenge

Well I have failed the challenge I set myself last December – I had hoped to Blog everyday through 2021 but I could not find the time to research, write up and publish the posts. I could not Blog everyday. #365BlogChallenge is over for this year but never say never on a fresh attempt…

Why did I fail?

I set out to improve my situation through blogging – I thought that the act of living a well documented creative life would spur me on to do more creative things. I thought that if I was documenting my creativity, here on Ijo Pona, it would spur me on to create for the sake of creating. But, it just made me create for the sake of documenting the end result. And, Art is a process. It is a journey that people go on to become more connected to themselves and their environments.

I was documenting the end result and that was poisonous.

I also failed because I live a pretty boring life in lock down – who the hell would want to read a blog post about a trip to the super-market. The banality of the posts I was producing was a bit embarrassing. I was not reading the posts.

I was not reading the posts – and, after all, this blog is for me, myself and nobody else. It is a hell of a ego trip to think you can create a public to report to. Other than my family checking in, I doubt many people wanted to find out about my May Day Mix.

I started the #365BlogChallenge to try and make myself a better writer, better at getting my point across. But, this was a one-sided conversation. I was not engaging with anyone – it was quantity over quality. I was writing for the sake of writing and the results were Bobbins.

So, I will continue the Blog in a few weeks, when I have something interesting to say – w/e round ups and Points of Interest. Things of note and notes of things – not the ego trip that this blog had morphed in to.

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Draft + Sore Head = Hole In Ceiling

Me and Kathryn are coming up to our eleventieth anniversary of living on Dragon Parade – we love it here, it is a great flat and we are treated well.

I am a firm advocate of good fences make good neighbours and these neighbours respect our bounds; it is comfortable in our apartment.

I was sat at my desk yesterday and I head a creak above me – I looked up and saw the crack in the ceiling yawning. Then around a metre and half square of plaster came down on my head. Leaving a gap in the ceiling. Here is the photo….

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2021, March 4th Damage

As you can see, the damage is considerable – we have been in contact with the landlord and there is someone coming over on Sunday. Gary will sort it.

There are still a few grazes on my head and I am a bit shaken – but, on the while I will survive. It came as a shock…

Here is hoping it’ll patch up well?


Help! Desk!

I have been busy building a help desk for the station I volunteer at. The Help Desk runs in Tawk.to and comes as part of the Chat Widget I installed for the hosts of the shows.

The Widget escalated quickly and then there was the help desk. Do you want to see the Help Desk? Of course you do, the HCR Help Desk is HERE. It is a beauty.

The chat widget is in the bottom left of the site, at all times – except on the pop out player. The idea is that the hosts will be able to correspond with their listenership. This will enable feed back – instant to broadcast. It is a great idea.

If you want to read a bit more about the HCR Help Desk as a Blog Post head HERE. But, look at this..!

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Happy Val’s Day, K*

Happy Valentine’s Day K* – here is to putting up with me for another year. I am happy with marital arrangements; and, I hope you are too because I would be lost without you and I need you.

I have had a sleepless night and it is currently approaching 7am – K* will be awake soon to go out to walk a dog – on a Sunday, a good dog – and I will be left to my own devices. The Cricket is missing from my year so far, although we have won the first Test against India & Root put in a heroic performance.

I recorded a great episode of The Jazz Show, if I don’t mind saying so myself – it was a good show with plenty of noodling cuts; a really good show and I don’t think I ruined it too much. You can catch it HERE.

Tonight, during my watch – I have been listening to some great music, through my headphones; Concrete Paris by Iain Chambers, Late Spring by Chihei Hatakeyama, Live at Bimhuis by Warped Dreamer & Age Of Oddities by Rutger Hoedemaekers, to name a few – I’ve also been texting one of the best Bloggers I know because he lives in Dubai – he is just getting ready for a busy Sunday working (CX) and the biggest concern of mine is when I will have a shower; life is good.

And, why’s life good? Because of the woman I am married to; K*, thanks for the chips!

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A Big Birthday – One with an “0”

Ooooh, big. I have reached the age of 40 – it is a new thing for me and I am still finding my feet in this decade, but it is shaping up to be a good one, already. Admittedly, the first six and a half hours were torture but dancing to Dolly Parton helped.

I had a sleep emergency yesterday and woke up at around 0130 today; Kathryn was just nodding off at that time and I promised her to wait and open the presents I had received with her. Six torturous hours and a lot of dancing to Dolly Parton, on my headphones, and I was ready to pop and I had come to the conclusion that no-one knows heartache quite like Dolly does.

8am; Kathryn was awake and dress unseasonably early and I was surrounded by shredded wrapping paper – Book, beer and money – result!

The book was from Kathryn and is written about John Cooper Clarke. The Beer is Brass Castle and looks tasty. Much time was spent chatting to Kathryn and then she ran downstairs – I now realised why she had dressed so early.

Mum and Dad had ordered a cake for me and told Kathryn to expect the delivery when Betty’s had opened – poor Kathryn had been waiting on cake for nearly five hours! It is delicious, though.

Tomorrow, the 11th, will be a bumper day for post having ordered a new DAC, Sonos and I am still waiting on my IEMs.

One good thing to find out on my birthday is that Trump will be banned from Twitter for good – this step will make the world a safer place and I for one an glad of the ban… he is banned even if he runs for office ????

As I write this I am listening to Sound Of Wonder. It is a good show – I spent today recording The Jazz Show, for Sunday – I hope to link to that in a later post. But, for now – I am happy with myself for reaching this age.

Twenty years ago I was told I did not have long to live – I have over come those odds and made a safe, full recovery. I am grateful to the NHS that they gave me the opportunity to wake up trouser-less in a skip every year on the eleventh of February.

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“Mountains Be Shaken And The Hills Be Removed” is the oh-so catchy title of an album I have been working on. If you want to listen to it, it is below. If not scroll past…

“Mountains Be Shaken And The Hills Be Removed”

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Do I have to use all the time in the brainstorming session? Fill in the entire page of my creativity notebook?

It turns out that many of the best ideas I have start out as filler. Stuff in the margins. Last-minute extras simply to fill space.

Because the stakes are low and our defences are down.

Margin Jotter

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Congratulations, Scooby

Congratulations, Scooby! You have reached Episode 250 of Sound Of Wonder. I’d like to think I played a small part – but, I did not. This is all Scooby’s work, I just press record and do his admin for him. It is quite an achievement to each Episode #250 of anything – let alone a weekly podcast / radio show; good work mate.

If you want to hear past episodes of Sound Of Wonder the head to www.soundofwonder.co.uk and you will find out more about it. I built the site for him as a beer favour – it is an okay site but needs updating.

Here is this weeks edition of Sound Of Wonder –

Other than that, it was a shocking day; could not get motivated to do anything. Hopefully this passes as I have an important call tomorrow in the afternoon regarding the theatre. Not to buy tickets – but working with them!

Busy head tonight, not a nice place to be.

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“The Cloud Of Unknowing”

With a firm nod of the head to Neoplatonic Classical Theology, I released an album today called “The Cloud Of Unknowing” – it’s ace! I am unsure who wrote The Cloud Of Unknowing (or, indeed of it is an actual book and not a phantasm of my fevered mind) but I have taken inspiration / confusion from the the ideal of Neoplatonic Forms and that for every object there is a metaphysical ‘ideal’ form.

Kind of applies to situations. Where you are having a bad time there is an ‘Ideal’ time to strive towards and aim at. I am having a ball and preparing for the downturn – most of my healthy time is spent preparing for the downturn, which is why I take it in my stride now.

But, the album was recorded at Dragon Perch Studio in the small hours. I set up a Grendel Drone Commander, Gristliser Clone and an assortment of pedals and made an earphoned noise. It is released under the pseudonym Forward! For Noise. You can check the release HERE.



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My New Media Set Up

I needed a music set up that would work with SONOS and my iPhone – something that would help me store my massive collection(s) of music. I thought about Apple Music – But, I have several Libraries for that; a Dub Library for Guerrilla Dub System, an arty Library for regular poncing and other, different libraries for friends radio shows.

I needed something to unite them so I can dip my toe in to the collected library, whilst having them separated on my machine.

At first, I had been using Vox Music, the cloud based app that allows people to stream to their phone and (theoretically) the SONOS. However, the connection to the SONOS was very patchy and the streaming to the phone would use up my battery quick sharp – so, I cancelled my membership to Vox.

The next solution to try, and the one that is running now, is that I have set up a Plex Server on my Mac Mini – I figure my Mac mini is switched on when I am up and about, so there would be no need to worry about not having access to the music. The only issue would come when I needed to switch off my Mac Mini (might get a NAS Drive for that).

Plex has a great interface and is really user intuitive. It give a bit of background information to the artist that I am playing and is visually led. I like it – more of this please.

If you are thinking of setting up a Plex Server, have a look at their website (www.plex.tv – I believe) and they will talk you through how to set it up. My sister uses it for her Movies and she swears by it too. I just use it for music, though, And, it is more than capable of handling that. It feeds from the Data Silo Musicbrainz that I wrote about HERE. It is all connected. Hive Mind #1.2

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