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I Made A Quick Mix

There have been holes made in the schedule of HCR – so, I have put in my pitch. The show has vocals over the top, but below you can hear just the mix.


Crump / Charcoal
Shielding / Reserv
Two Shell / Heart Piece
Cocktail Party Effect / War on Codex
The Black Dog / Osho
Rise Black / Agressor
Cienfuegos, Entro Senestre / Slipping Venus – Entro Remix
Kangding Ray / Azores
PTA / INK – Beatapella
Trisicloplox, Sectra / Bat Blood
Ramsez / Big Boi
Personal Message / Interfaces – Original Mix

Here it is –



Spent the day trying to sort out Rekordbox for my Dub collection. It is a faff – a thankless task that no no really enjoys.

All this effort for drunken people to ask me to play some “soulful house” or Rihanna.

Can’t wait to get back to DJing though – let’s hope they keep my residency open at Toms.

Ijo Pona - backhouse 23705780310 o