Family Procrastination

Happy Birthday Kathryn! S’nice That!

Congratulations on another Earth Cycle, Kathryn – god knows you have had to work hard to get here. The people you grace with your presence are all the richer for knowing you and I am humbled to be your partner. Today Kathryn is knee-deep in her thirties. She has risen to the challenge and I am proud of her. Today started with an early rise for me – I had been recording a heap of…

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Kathryn Had A Vinyl Birthday

So then, the love of my life, Kathryn Backhouse had a birthday today — she has given permission for me to print her age on this blog. She is no longer twenty one years old but has reached the fine age of thirty three — we call this a “vinyl birthday” in our house (33 // 45 // 78). She has grown in beauty and grace everyday since I met her drunkenly in a nightclub when she was 21.…

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