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Letter #17

Published 19 April 2018 in Activism - 0 Comments

Dear Andrew Jones MP — I am writing as a concerned constituent. I am a blogger. I have the liberty to write what I want on the net. My blog is at However, I am writing about people further up the ladder. People who I admire and respect. Fifty-three Commonwealth heads of government are meeting for […]

Letter #16

Published 28 January 2018 in Activism - 0 Comments

We seem to be having a ‘wholesome’ day here at Ijo Pona HQ. Kathryn is at a Church Parade with her Girl Guide group and I am left to my own devices. Rather than just head back to bed to catch forty winks, I decided to try and put my time to good use. That […]

Letter #15

Published 19 January 2018 in Activism - 0 Comments

The Repeal Bill is one of the most important pieces of legislation in a generation. It will rewrite our laws after we leave the European Union. Those laws affect every one of us — our friends, our families, our children. Laws against discrimination and privacy invasions. Protections for workers, LGBT+, disabled and older people. Rights we fought […]

Letter #14

Published 22 December 2017 in Activism - 0 Comments

I have had a dislike of Dr Martens since Emma Wilson kicked me in the shins with her sensible footwear. However, Dr Marten seems to have been having a bit of a resurgence and I have gone and procured myself a pair. They look amazing but I might get beaten up wearing them. I got […]

Letter #14

Published 22 December 2017 in Activism - 0 Comments

Dear Andrew Jones, First of all, please let me wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have gained a lot from our correspondence throughout the year. I am signing off 2017 with a final letter to you when I should be working. I work as a freelance website designer so I […]

Letter #13

Published 16 July 2017 in Activism - 0 Comments

I have the good fortune to be a member of Amnesty and Liberty. They are both Human Right’s Groups who campaign for mankind’s betterment — I figure all I have to do is click a few buttons to express my point of view — how different that could be if I was just born in another country. So, when […]

Letter #12

Published 25 June 2017 in Activism - 0 Comments

I am worried. I am worried for the people of Great Britain and the people who have travelled here to make it a home. So, I did all I can do at the time of writing and sent off venom to Andrew Jones MP — Member of Parliament for Harrogate. The issues in this letter affect everyone. […]

Letter #11

Published 22 March 2017 in Activism - 0 Comments

Now then, this is a matter I am fuming about — I have signed numerous petitions and called on respective MP’s (when in Northumberland and East Yorkshire — China … let’s say I wasn’t represented). The fact that our nation’s policy makers are in-debted to the factions that they may have to legislate against is a no-brainer: ‘McDonalds Healthcare’ […]

Letter #10

Published 22 March 2017 in Activism - 0 Comments

I rely on the NHS — I make no bold claim otherwise. Without NHS health care I would be dead. Because of the long-term effects of my battle with health, I would not qualify for health insura nce. So, once again, I felt moved to write to Andrew Jones MP. I intend to write a letter a […]

Letter #9

Published 10 March 2017 in Activism - 0 Comments

Dear Andrew Jones MP, The Leave Campaign promised that Brexit would not mean stripping EU citizens of their rights — and polling shows the British public overwhelmingly agrees. Yet still the Government refuses to reassure EU citizens as to their rights to remain in the UK. There may not be much that opposing sides of the Brexit […]