Review: Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson’s “Edda”

As you will read in the Category Notes for the Post Category that this post is filed in, (Review (Of Sorts), that I am not qualified to give a decent opinion. But, the internet has given everyone a voice, unwanted or not. But, to rehash, the category post for Review (Of Sorts) it says…

Giving my un-wanted opinion in things I am unqualified to talk about.

So, here is my unwanted opinion about Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson’s “Edda.” I have the digital copy – may / may not get the record (probably not). I was tipped off about the recording by a good friend, someone I respect, on Facebook. I will embed the album a la Spotify, below…

Well, what do I think about it? I think it is a really strange and beautiful record. Beinteinsson sings ancient Icelandic language poems in a repetitive rhythm with no backing music. It seems fitting with the bleak outlook of the Covid Lock Down – There is a feeling of something mysterious and ancient in this recording – like I am being carried.

Beinteinsson’s voice compliments The Edda wonderfully – a hollow, woody timbre that echoes from beyond.

I think the thing that gets me about Beinteinsson’s “Edda” is that these songs would have sounded just the same five hundred or a thousand years ago. For that, the recording is timeless. But, this, the modern-day recording is flawless. An old man singing his song, marking his space in time and his place in the history of his people.

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