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Review (Of Sorts)

reMarkable 2 Notes

It’s arrived! I am currently writing this Blog post on my reMarkable Tablet. It is unnecessary but ace.

I liken it to buying my Dad a Christmas present: he has all that he needs and anything else will just be re-inventing the wheel….. still, it is a lot of fun!

See, I was paid a ridiculous amount for my music career / web design work – it had to be invested back in to the business so that it was worth the leg work.

But, first impressions are that there is a lot to learn.

I have taken to sketching on the thing. Now, THAT is awesome. It is a really good tool for that. Whether I will get any use out of it for work remains a mystery.

As I say, I am unsure if I will use it for business. But, it is proving to be irresistible to put down.

Things here are good, thanks. I am writing this exactly one month before Christmas. Kathryn received part of her present. She likes it. A Cath Kidson handbag.

Cath Kidson seem to be Kathryn’s go to template for handbags. She knows the template and she customises it to her needs.

I bought Kathryn a handbag that she likes – not bad for someone who has my fashion taste. So, first blog post written on my reMarkable…… first of many?