The Jazz Show & A Catch Up

It has been a while since I have had a social occurrence – I admit I am becoming a bit of a hermit. Too much to do and a massive covid barrier in the way. However, I am tuned in to Good Pop / Bad Pop on the local radio and Danielle is hosting the show. It’s a good day for a sulk.

I have been working on the station a bit – preparing the hand over to assistance. When I say this, it is not a complete hand over, I will still be steering Good Ship HCR and all who sail in her.

We had an admin meeting the other night (Monday) after I had a meltdown and said “I can’t do this anymore”. So, now Jack S is helping with the server, Danielle & Charley are helping with the Social Media and Allan helps onboard people. It is getting where I hope to be….

So, I recorded The Jazz Show this week: it was a good show. I have really got in to Trouser Jazz. I will let you be the judge to see if I provide a good vehicle for it…

… meh …

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