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That Was That, Then: January 2021

There are around ten hours left of January 2021 so I thought that for this post I would write a quick recap of the month.

It was the month that I started my #365BlogChallenge – where I write a post for every single day of the year – I seem to be out the blocks and in to the first bend. How am I coping with the challenge? It is making me think ‘what the hell shall I write for today’s blog post?’ a lot but it is proving a good vent. Almost cathartic.

I am still finding my writing style which is the purpose of the #365BlogChallenge – it will hopefully let me grow in to a better writer, a better Blogger, for the work I do as a web designer and digital content creator. Visitor hits to Ijo Pona are good – always a steady average and I am very grateful for every visitor. If you have got much worth from any of the Blog posts in January then please, by all means, leave a comment in the footer of the post.

It’ll be good to hear from you!

The rest of my Sunday will be spent procrastinating – a task I excel at, Commonwealth Champion standard. I hope to be up at the studio at some point but, other than that; I ate three Jam Doughnuts for breakfast and the day is off to a great start.

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