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Oh boy, I got grumpy – I hadn’t eaten all day and had to explain to someone which app their web browser was, when the person in question was talking to me via their web browser…

However, I managed to eat, stopped being an arse and levelled up my podcasting skills.

I put to use the ‘Fab Filter L-2’ Plugin on the vocal bus for Roots Conversation #85 and it sounds fine. If you want to hear more of the show head to www.theGDS.website – it is a site I built and I am a pleased with it… it serves a function. That function os to propagate our propaganda as roots reggae and dub reggae podcasters, producers and DJs.

Here is the latest episode of Roots Conversation, the dub reggae podcast.

If you are after the playlist, I will have to ask you to head HERE.

There was quite a storm over night and the snow is still lying think on the ground – we are shivering our bits off and are wearing all of our socks. Kathryn is coping a lot better with Lock Down III, to be fair – she is finding distraction and yet maintaining a sense of calm equilibrium. I, on the other hand, am eating all the biscuits whilst wearing last week’s pyjamas.

I am unsure how my mates are coping – I have been busy. Very busy. Mainly with the station and monitoring my dwindling mental health reserves. Still, it can’t get as bad as The Shining.


Ijo Pona - the shining

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