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Went to a party n ting.

The occasion was the return of the town’s heroes, Andy & Tracey. I was lucky enough to have been invited as part of a small crowd to welcome them home. Andy & Tracey had practically knackered themselves on the 4001 cycle ride across the USA but it was good to see them.

They had both lost a lot of weight and were busy planning the next adventure!

A testimony to the both of them that as soon as they have touched base here in North Yorkshire that they were planning the next adventure. They just can’t take no’ for an answer.

The small gathering was held at Andy F’s house – a lovely house just off Leeds Road in Harrogate. The garden was just the right size. Andy F started brewing a batch of HomeBrew the moment Andy & Tracey left for the states. It was delicious! The IPA was a real success and the the stout was delicious – Andy really has a talent there.

Food was laid on with people bringing Vegan & vegetarian nibbles with them. By the end of the night I had sipped quite a bit and I really enjoyed myself. However, due to an early start (6am) we had to leave a bit earlier than most.

It was really great to see everyone again ….

By Andy B*

Ijo Pona is the Harrogate adventure blog written by a Funny Little Man. Andy is a freelance web designer in Harrogate and he is also a well-received sound artist and runs a mastering studio in Yorkshire. The Wire Magazine once described him as "... difficult to dislike." Still at my most enthusiastic and naive.

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