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Lock Down 2.0 ~ This Time Its Personal

Lock down has been in place for a few weeks now, here in England. It should have come sooner – there by removing temptation to go out for a beer. And, quite what the schools are doing open is a mystery.

I really feel for the Uni students – they should have been stopped from going to Halls. People are really suffering and I am powerless to help because I have come down with the virus.

It is very mild, but I tested positive on Tuesday 10th November – it is the cognitive impairment that really gets to me; I am always losing my train of thought and wandering around the flat with no purpose.

The physical aspect of the virus has thankfully passed me and Kathryn by – we had a bit of a cough and a temperature but the aches have left me now.

We know other friends who have it far worse – bed ridden. I am lucky in that I can hold a conversation. Some folk I know don’t have the breath.

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The break in going out has given me time to catch up listening and reading. But it is not something I welcome, although it is quite necessary.

I guess it will lead to more rambling blog posts like this and further rumblings in the kitchen.

Over all, the effect of it is like I have just had my medicine increased (head meds). Some people liken the virus to being hit with a tranquilliser dart but I have been here before.

I had a SARs like illness on New Years Eve 1999, whilst in China – I hope that this virus doee not cause similar effects of what my past twenty years have been like 🙁  In many ways it is a bit like being placed on a dirty anti-psychotic. Throw in a fever and a few aches and pains and you are there.

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