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A Great Weekend, Overshadowed

Well, I am writing this Blog post as a way of keeping things in check – it is currently nearly half four in the afternoon and it might be a bit early for a weekend recap – but, I will go for it anyway.

This weekend has been overshadowed by Johnson’s announcement about England entering Second Lock Down.

About time really.

Although, the plans of closing the pubs and the ‘non-essential’ shops are a tad depressing. Folk were just thinking that they could make it out of 2020 intact, with their business viable.

In no way am I putting the economy over people’s lives – just the opportunity to earn a crust should be granted by the Government. ‘Essential Shops’ could mean record shops and bakeries, right? Pubs?

My morning started with a meeting with a client in Starling. We were assessing how to improve the store’s online presence. I have been working flat out today, sleepy but useful.

Yesterday was a bit of a write off – I was meant to be meeting a mate who I have not seen for 20 years. Back from when I was in East Asia – he was thinking of coming up to Harrogate from London but Covid scuppered his plans – there is always the forty year anniversary, yeah?

What has been a constant companion through this weekend has been Harrogate Community Radio, the station I manage. Right now, MOONSHAKIN’ is being broadcast – it is an eclectic mix of pop obscurities… you should check it out.

England won the Six Nations but France played the best Rugby – it was a good tail end to the championship. The weirdest 6 Nations I have seen (it started in February and has just ended).

So, society is sick. I am well – it is weird to have it this way around. Makes a change it not being the other way around. We will get by with a little help from our friends.