On Barely Making It Back From The Shop

I nearly fell over today. Out of fatigue. I had my jab a few weeks ago and it is as bad as having the virus in the first place.

I had the virus when it was at it’s peak in November of 2020. Because I had the virus, when it came to the vaccine I already had anti-bodies in my system. This has caused a Surge Reaction and I am suffering from the symptoms of Bat Flu again.

It never rains but it pours.

However, I would have the jab again. If I had the option of changing the past it would be to not have caught the virus. I am happy to play my part in kicking Covid-19 in to touch.

I wish everyone else was too. By not having the vaccine they are making the effectiveness of the jab lessen for those who have had the vaccine.

It is the bit where the free speech and the anti-vaxxer movements meet. Wherever that is, you will not find much sense.


An Eclectic Radio Show

I had the pleasure of recording a radio show today – it was by DJ Scooby and the show is Sound Of Wonder.

I have had the pleasure of seeing someone I know blossom in to the role of radio show host – it was quite a privilege to witness and we show no signs of slowing down. Here is the show:

I had a hand with the artwork and I will paste it below – it is a design I am happy with. It has remained constant throughout, despite my restless feet.

Other than that – I found out that The Parish News is listed No1 in a poll on a site for the 20 Best Experimental Podcasts to tune in to in 2021. Not bad.

Michael started a job. Assoc. Prof. now. It only seems yesterday he was being dumped out the front of the house in East Yorkshire from a wheel barrow for drinking too much. I am proud of him; he has overcome a lot and handled his rise with grace – he is a good lad.

Spoke to him on the phone today – highlight of my day, really; oh, that and the insane amount of beer I saw Kathryn try and hide. I don’t drink at home so it is up to her to source her own fun there. Anyway, here is the artwork…

Ijo Pona - skull

Building Sleep Patterns

After a short nine hour snooze in the afternoon, I had issues with my nights sleep. Still I set to work building an app for the station I work at.

I had a history of building an app in the past – but, it was a bit pants.

So, I have signed up for Siberian CMS and set about creating V3.0 – Wonderful stuff – sleepless nights can be torture when I get my self in a fluster.

I am constantly tying myself in knots and the creative process is a good escape.

We will see if the app is being published okay and I will report back.

In the meantime there is a web version of the app HERE.


Dr Appointment // Virtual Meet Up

I had a check up with the consultant today – all done virtually. The app we used was linked to the surgery and it was seamless. The Doctor and the nurse were respective distances apart and I was sat in my dressing gown lording it up – right laugh.

The appointment was for an on going condition, something that wears me down; the result of the appointment was that I am changing medication.

To be fair, I am terrified that they will put me back on a dose that is incompatible with me, as they have in the past. I was on my arse for a good few years due to bad medicines (medicine that was incompatible with me, I should say). Terrible stuff.

They also found some other things with the blood test, taken on Friday at A&E.

I am sub clinical hyper thyroid. I have been told that there is something up with my metabolism and my Thyroid is trying to over compensate – and, this is on good medicine.

More to follow….

Adam A77X

I have received a new monitor for my DJing and it is now up at the studio.

The model I plumped for is the Adam A77X.

Hand built in Germany and sounding sweet – whether I can get it to sing is another thing. I will try my utmost, but it is a bit too good.

It is sat on the table, next to my XDJ RX2, waiting on better days.


Spent the day trying to sort out Rekordbox for my Dub collection. It is a faff – a thankless task that no no really enjoys.

All this effort for drunken people to ask me to play some “soulful house” or Rihanna.

Can’t wait to get back to DJing though – let’s hope they keep my residency open at Toms.

Ijo Pona - backhouse 23705780310 o

Fat Ankles

I was hospitalised for having fat ankles today.

I had a bad pain in my right ankle around 5am and there was a bit of swelling; I admit I was a bit worried as I had been under the weather since I had the Pfizer vaccine.

I was worried for clots.

Ijo Pona - 893F69C2 6B91 4FE1 9B02 F10EFA892239 1 105 c

So, I phoned 111. The guy, Andy, on the other end of the line said I should head to A&E as soon as I could. I booked my taxi (5am) and arrived quick sharp.

Triage looked at me – mumbled incantations and summoned a Doctor.

I was was attached to machines that go ping and all manner of tests were taken; ECG, Echocardiograms, Bloods etc.

It turns out they suspected I may have DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) but it just turns out I just have fat ankles – much to the merriment of my friends. Typical.

Recording Roots Reggae

My podcast rolled around again – I am lucky to be part of Guerrilla Dub System and we have a podcast called Roots Conversation.

On the podcast we are joined by DJ Scooby and he brings his own unique look on things.

We are in no way ‘podcast personalities’ and I am not even saying we are good – but, it is a fun thing to do.

If you are keen on hearing the shows head to www.theGDS.website

I Slept

It’s a big deal.


I have renewed my subscription for D&Ad, the body that helps creatives.

It may help lessen my imposter syndrome; the fact that I am part of a massive collective of world renowned designers who are all making a difference.

Or, conversely, could it mean that it magnifies my sense of dread? As in, I will be exposed to some cutting edge design and design that I do not know where to start with; earth shattering design.

Will joining D&Ad magnify my imposter syndrome?

Will joining D&Ad lessen my imposter syndrome?

I guess time will be the judge on this. Here is hoping they do not smell me out and find I have boarded ‘Good Ship Design’ with a view of eating all of the other sailors biscuits.

You can see my profile HERE.