I Like Blogging

One reason that successful and prolific singer-songwriters are prolific is that as soon as they’ve written a song, they can record it and publish it.

And a huge advantage of having a daily blog is that the software is always open, waiting for you to write something.

Your story doesn’t have to be a book, it is simply your chance to make a difference. “Here’s what I see, here’s how you can be part of it.”

When we remove the pre (finding the pen, the paper, the notebook, the software) and the post (finding a way to publish it), it turns out that we write more often, and writing more often leads to writing better.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, it can simply be the next thing you do.

The patterns matter. Streaks work.

All part of your practice.


The Parish News // Rushed Media

The pArish News was remarkably rushed last night – I did not take as much time on it as I possible should have. You can check it out at www.theparishnews.com

How I Have Taken To Brushing My Hair In Lock Down

I have taken to brushing my hair in Lock Down 3.0. How have I found it? Meh! Same Same. It is something I have had to get used to. Another thing Covid has thrown at me, unexpected, that I am acing.

The fact I am sporting a boyish bob is beyond ridiculous – I have come to the conclusion I will never make a hot woman.

I am surprised Kathryn has not upped sticks and left – my hair is frankly awful.

As a result, I have had to start brushing it. It is at best a blonde mushroom sat on top of my round face. Not the strongest of looks.

However there is light in today; Resonance EXTRA have caught up with the shows I make and I am sat waiting on The Parish News 240 coming on the wireless. Currently tuned int o Resonance Extra and it is proving to be a good show on – I need to up my game and make a better show myself – here is this weeks instalment, Episode 240…

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Monday = Work 👍

I seem to have hit a creative spot for a while now – things are going well.

I am part of a UX Certificate from Google and it is doing wonders for my imposter syndrome – I am working hard or hardly working. It is a fun place to be.

More to come on that.


As I write this The Parish News is quarter of an hour in to being broadcast on on Harrogate Community Radio, the best radio station in Harrogate in my opinion.

I have had a very sleepless night before hand (it is now the evening) and I am starting to wind down. Wonder Woman is on the telly and we had pie for tea; it is a relaxed house that I write from tongiht. But, I have been busy. I thought I would write a quick catch up.

Late last week Kathryn took delivery of 12 cans of Turning Point beer – I wish there was some open right now but I would consider it bad form to plough straight in to Kathryn’s hoard and make short of it; although it is tempting.

I had an app go live on Saturday late at night. If you want to stream Harrogate Radio then look no further than our own app. I built it. Saturday also saw me mainline a weeks worth of study for a certificate in UX Design.

Ijo Pona - hcr app t

… which led to a sleepless Sat/Sun as I saw in Spring and redesign my UX Designer Portfolio. It is the best it has been for years and I am over the moon with how it looks. UX is something I did not know about until five years ago but now I am consuming all the literature about the subject and pretty much eat, sleep and breathe the field.

I hope to go in to more detail about what UX is tomorrow or sometime soon… either way, I am dopey due to lack of sleep and I need a lie down. Hopefully I will be more chipper than I have been today, churning out this dross…. #365BlogChallenge

Exhausted doesn’t cut it.



This blog post is about The Parish News and Resonance EXTRA.

I have the good fortune to be broadcast on the esteemed Resonance Network – it is a great Network that can be tuned in by 4.1m people. I am unsure how many folk actually listen to my show, The Parish News, but it is a heartening thought that a couple of hundred people may be listening at any given point.

The station I am on, Resonance EXTRA, is the digital wing of Resonance FM. It is an arts station. They are catching up with broadcasts so that they are up to date with the podcast.

The podcast goes out every Thursday at midnight and it keeps me out of mischief – it is good fun.

For more on that see www.ssyncc.com/theparishnews – here is the latest show, available now:

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Ijo Pona Redesign

Ijo Pona, the Blog of Harrogate’s Funny Little Man, has had a bit of a face-lift; a bit of a redesign. It is one I am happy with and one I hope to stick to for the coming year. I have crossed all of the “t’s” and dotted all of the “i’s” and it is looking doozy.

Another point to note is that I am now using Disqus for the comment system – the old one was a bit flakey.

Other than that; I had a super-annoying time a few hours ago. The bottom flat burned something setting off the fire alarm. Either way, nonsense aside, it flushed my new neighbour out of hiding and I managed to bump in to him.

It turns out that I know him from previous escapades; he is a very decent, quiet chap and I am glad he is my neighbour.

Onwards and upwards for the rest of the day, really; I am working with Toulouse, France on the development of an app for the station and it should be live in the Android app store in the near future. Apple have tighter regulations and that is proving a bit of a sticking point, but we will get there. The people I am dealing with have the patience of saints…

And, I managed to get my blog in, on time!