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Panic & Withdraw

Published 22 April 2021 in Procrastination - 0 Comments

I am going through the mill with my health right now – I won’t go in to in too much detail but they are messing around with my medicine. The oral dose was not seeming to work as efficiently and they are now trying me on a new injectable. The injectable is liver secreted – […]

I Made A Quick Mix

Published 21 April 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

There have been holes made in the schedule of HCR – so, I have put in my pitch. The show has vocals over the top, but below you can hear just the mix. w/ Crump / CharcoalShielding / ReservTwo Shell / Heart PieceCocktail Party Effect / War on CodexThe Black Dog / OshoRise Black / […]

Rumblings Of A ‘Cast

Published 20 April 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

Not as a way to make big money (blogging didn’t do that either). But as a way to share your ideas, to lead your community, to earn trust. Podcasting is a proven technology that is still in its infancy. It’s an open mic, a chance for people with something to say to find a few […]

Jumping The Shark

Published 19 April 2021 in Home - 0 Comments

Short-term thinking repeated again and again doesn’t lead to long-term thinking. The stated strategy of Yahoo was to build more and more internal content and services (Yahoo mail, Yahooligans, Yahoo Finance) to keep as many surfers on their site for as long as they could. The math was simple: if you’re getting paid by the […]


Published 18 April 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

Tell me when you’re going to finish. Tell me if you fall behind. Don’t make me ask. It’s difficult for a small organisation or a dedicated craftsperson to run an operation as punctually as a large bureaucracy. After all, the bureaucracy exists mainly to be sure that deadlines are honoured and variances are not exceeded. […]

Cassius “The Neon Explosion”

Published 17 April 2021 in Uncategorised - 0 Comments

So there was a new game show on ITV called ‘Show Me Your Talent’. The game show contestants needed to guess what the ‘subject’ did with their time. Included in the subjects, there were folk who were Musical Theatre Performers to pole performers and Sword Swallowers. But what got me was the final guess-of-a-guest – […]

Loading Dose Update // It’ll Be Lonely

Published 16 April 2021 in Health - 0 Comments

I am back home safe from another breathless walk to Windsor House. See HERE for last week’s walk. It was for the completion of the Loading Dose that I walked across town, today – but, it was a different town. Lock Down 3.0 is lifting and the streets were coming to life. Children played and […]

Thoughts About Blogging

Published 15 April 2021 in Procrastination - 0 Comments

I have reached the 25% Complete mark of the year’s worth of Blogging. You can follow progress at #365BlogChallenge Here are some thoughts on the exercise – Throughout the Blog, there’s a desire to celebrate my “authentic” self. But perhaps my considered self, the one that shows up when I’m doing my best to be […]

Ten Reasons To Write A Book

Published 14 April 2021 in Uncategorised - 0 Comments

More than ten, actually. Millions of books will be published this year and for good reason. People rarely regret the effort. Everyone has their own, but here are some of the reasons to get you started: It clarifies your thinking. It leaves behind a record of where you are in this moment. It’s clearly not […]