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As I write this The Parish News is quarter of an hour in to being broadcast on on Harrogate Community Radio, the best radio station in Harrogate in my opinion.

I have had a very sleepless night before hand (it is now the evening) and I am starting to wind down. Wonder Woman is on the telly and we had pie for tea; it is a relaxed house that I write from tongiht. But, I have been busy. I thought I would write a quick catch up.

Late last week Kathryn took delivery of 12 cans of Turning Point beer – I wish there was some open right now but I would consider it bad form to plough straight in to Kathryn’s hoard and make short of it; although it is tempting.

I had an app go live on Saturday late at night. If you want to stream Harrogate Radio then look no further than our own app. I built it. Saturday also saw me mainline a weeks worth of study for a certificate in UX Design.

Ijo Pona - hcr app t

… which led to a sleepless Sat/Sun as I saw in Spring and redesign my UX Designer Portfolio. It is the best it has been for years and I am over the moon with how it looks. UX is something I did not know about until five years ago but now I am consuming all the literature about the subject and pretty much eat, sleep and breathe the field.

I hope to go in to more detail about what UX is tomorrow or sometime soon… either way, I am dopey due to lack of sleep and I need a lie down. Hopefully I will be more chipper than I have been today, churning out this dross…. #365BlogChallenge

Exhausted doesn’t cut it.

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