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Recording The Jazz Show

The Jazz Show managed to get recorded early in the morning, as Kathryn slept – she puts up with a lot from me and radio is one of them.

The Jazz Show is my monthly attempt to try and sound like I know what I am on about.

You can catch up with it HERE.

I will show you the artwork here….

Ijo Pona - The Jazz Show square
The Jazz Show

Other than that, I spent most of the daylight hours asleep, and I am awake for the change of day.

My sleep has been playing up and as a result I have a bit of a wonky sleep pattern. Still, it is a good thing I am working freelance so I am not forced to attend an office.

With work, I am left to my own devices; as long as my clients are happy with the work I do for them then I am happy to help them the best way I can – even if this is at 4am.

I have not really had much of a regular sleep pattern for the past twenty years; it is a result of the situation I found myself in Borneo. The resulting fall-out was the most rational response to such an irrational situation.


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