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Ijo Pona Redesign

Ijo Pona, the Blog of Harrogate’s Funny Little Man, has had a bit of a face-lift; a bit of a redesign. It is one I am happy with and one I hope to stick to for the coming year. I have crossed all of the “t’s” and dotted all of the “i’s” and it is looking doozy.

Another point to note is that I am now using Disqus for the comment system – the old one was a bit flakey.

Other than that; I had a super-annoying time a few hours ago. The bottom flat burned something setting off the fire alarm. Either way, nonsense aside, it flushed my new neighbour out of hiding and I managed to bump in to him.

It turns out that I know him from previous escapades; he is a very decent, quiet chap and I am glad he is my neighbour.

Onwards and upwards for the rest of the day, really; I am working with Toulouse, France on the development of an app for the station and it should be live in the Android app store in the near future. Apple have tighter regulations and that is proving a bit of a sticking point, but we will get there. The people I am dealing with have the patience of saints…

And, I managed to get my blog in, on time!

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