Ijo Pona - 240

How I Have Taken To Brushing My Hair In Lock Down

I have taken to brushing my hair in Lock Down 3.0. How have I found it? Meh! Same Same. It is something I have had to get used to. Another thing Covid has thrown at me, unexpected, that I am acing.

The fact I am sporting a boyish bob is beyond ridiculous – I have come to the conclusion I will never make a hot woman.

I am surprised Kathryn has not upped sticks and left – my hair is frankly awful.

As a result, I have had to start brushing it. It is at best a blonde mushroom sat on top of my round face. Not the strongest of looks.

However there is light in today; Resonance EXTRA have caught up with the shows I make and I am sat waiting on The Parish News 240 coming on the wireless. Currently tuned int o Resonance Extra and it is proving to be a good show on – I need to up my game and make a better show myself – here is this weeks instalment, Episode 240…

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