Draft + Sore Head = Hole In Ceiling

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Me and Kathryn are coming up to our eleventieth anniversary of living on Dragon Parade – we love it here, it is a great flat and we are treated well.

I am a firm advocate of good fences make good neighbours and these neighbours respect our bounds; it is comfortable in our apartment.

I was sat at my desk yesterday and I head a creak above me – I looked up and saw the crack in the ceiling yawning. Then around a metre and half square of plaster came down on my head. Leaving a gap in the ceiling. Here is the photo….

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2021, March 4th Damage

As you can see, the damage is considerable – we have been in contact with the landlord and there is someone coming over on Sunday. Gary will sort it.

There are still a few grazes on my head and I am a bit shaken – but, on the while I will survive. It came as a shock…

Here is hoping it’ll patch up well?

By Andy B*

Ijo Pona is the Harrogate adventure blog written by a Funny Little Man. Andy is a freelance web designer in Harrogate and he is also a well-received sound artist and runs a mastering studio in Yorkshire. The Wire Magazine once described him as "... difficult to dislike." Still at my most enthusiastic and naive.

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