“To The Boozer!”

Ijo Pona - harrogate blogger

Lock Down 3.0 is really starting to bite. I miss my friends and I miss my family – but the back drop to meeting these groups of people (extended family and others) is the Boozer. I really, really miss the Boozer.


Well it is not for the selection of beers – I have the nation’s breweries poised at the click of a mouse, ready to send me a selection of cans. Granted, there is a narrower selection of beer in the Boozer than there is nationally, but closed systems mean cross pollination and you will try more different beers in a pub – you will be forced to try new beers as the pumps change.

See, some people meditate. Some people do yoga. Instead of these things, I visit the Boozer for four or five pints and I have some ‘me’ time. Yes, I probably get under the staffs feet and I can be a bit growly but they are pretty much used to me now.

Calling in to a Boozer in the afternoon, after a hard mornings work, was a luxury – and I miss it.

By Andy B*

Ijo Pona is the Harrogate adventure blog written by a Funny Little Man. Andy is a freelance web designer in Harrogate and he is also a well-received sound artist and runs a mastering studio in Yorkshire. The Wire Magazine once described him as "... difficult to dislike." Still at my most enthusiastic and naive.

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