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Pinch And A Punch For The First Of The Month

First of March – get in, Spring is blooming and Anxiety is kicking in for the end of Lock Down. There seems to be a bit ‘in the air’ about easing out of Lock Down 3.0.

People are settled in to their frustration, bad habits and apathy. Probably why the Tory Government keep getting elected, still.

I am looking forward to a pint of cask.

I am looking forward to playing music in a pub to the public – I am looking forward to life, again.

Will it all return to normal? What is the normal now? Will people be hugging openly in the streets and bars? Will it be reserved and cautious?

I am going through a bought of side effects from the Covid jab I had last week (Pfizer) and feeling a bit flu-y. I have heard from sources that if you have had Covid in the past then there is a rumour that the side effects of the jab will be magnified a bit.

I am just a bit achey. A bit stiff and sore. Mentally confused and not all there – but that is the norm pretty much.

A lot of people have it a lot worse. I am grateful for the vaccine. I am glad I had it – there will be side effects to any vaccine; this will keep me off the covid train.

These are my thoughts.

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