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On Barely Making It Back From The Shop

I nearly fell over today. Out of fatigue. I had my jab a few weeks ago and it is as bad as having the virus in the first place.

I had the virus when it was at it’s peak in November of 2020. Because I had the virus, when it came to the vaccine I already had anti-bodies in my system. This has caused a Surge Reaction and I am suffering from the symptoms of Bat Flu again.

It never rains but it pours.

However, I would have the jab again. If I had the option of changing the past it would be to not have caught the virus. I am happy to play my part in kicking Covid-19 in to touch.

I wish everyone else was too. By not having the vaccine they are making the effectiveness of the jab lessen for those who have had the vaccine.

It is the bit where the free speech and the anti-vaxxer movements meet. Wherever that is, you will not find much sense.