Loading Dose Update // Breathless Walk

I made it up to Windsor House yesterday – it was a breathless struggle and the most exercise I have done since I had Covid. I am still stiff as a board and ache all over for the virus; but, the fever has been broken and it was back in November that I had it.

Why was I walking across town to Windsor House? Well, Windsor House is the HQ of the Harrogate & District CMHT – I needed an injection.

For the first time since 2009 they are tickering with my medicine – and it is terrifying.

I received the loading dose for an injected version of the same type of medication that I am on now – I will be weened off the oral medication (except for Epilim and Fluoxitine) and I have been told to take Folic Acid and Vit. D.

But why am I terrified of this change? Because they have got it so wrong in the past – I have had some terrible experiences in the past with medication and I am still suffering as a result. An example of this is that one of my medications left me with such bad nerve damage that I have a tremor.

But, I have woken up on this sunny Saturday with a calmer head. Very drowsy and fuggy but optimistic. I hope the foggy head is just caused by the sharp start after a good sleep (I had not been sleeping recently).

Will this be another trade off?

Will I have to accept serenity at the cost of my wits?

This is why I am terrified.

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