Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices is a symptom of serious mental illness; it is also something I can releate to. In this article, The New Statesman cites the pioneer of The Hearing Voices Network. Something I am tempted to sign up for – although I am hesitant to go.

What is boils down to is that people who hear voices were born in the wrong era; have a look online for Bi-Cameral Mind and you will strike gold.

An illustration that the article I linked to above points to is The Illiad. The Gods of Ancient Greece we a trope of Bi-Cameral mind.

Although, the life of the pioneer of The Hearing Voices Network, Patsy Hage, did not end well; I may sign up to the network… I have start this tage Hearing Voices to keep an eye on things. You never know, it might be a sub plot to 2021?

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