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Old Family Photo

The above photo was sent to me by my sister, Alison — it was labelled Fieldgate 88.” Fieldgate is the name of the house where the two older people in the photo used to live. I have good memories of being there. I have put the photograph up here, on Ijo Pona, as a way of bookmarking it and keeping it circulation.’ You never know, my niece may look back on this Blog and wonder what Uncle Sponge was doing in 2018. But, probably not.

The chap on the left, as you look at the photo is younger in this snap than I am now — I am amazed that he managed to cram so much into that short space of time; he had a family of three (in the photo) and a full-time job. It looks like summer and, reading from left to right; there is my Dad, my Brother, Grandpa, Alison, Granny and then me. It must have been mum taking the photo — she is camera shy and never in any images.

At that time I was a shy lad from Norfolk who just wanted to ride his BMX and read about Dinosaurs. I wonder what happened to that BMX … Now I am (still) a shy lad from Norfolk who wants nothing more than to play with computers and make music.

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