Farewell Ted … Or, Bill?

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We had an upset yesterday. Bill or Ted has passed on and gone to join the other one (the one that didn’t die yesterday) in the aquarium in the sky.

In 2012 I popped to Stottards on Commercial Street and came home with two Goldfish. Kathryn took to them. We christened them Bill & Ted.

Around a year later one of the gold fish jumped out of his tank when we were asleep (could have been Bill, could have been Ted) and we found him (her?) on the kitchen floor when we woke up. We named that one Bill (again). We were sure it was Ted who survived, they both looked the same but Ted was a fighter.

Six years later and the Goldfish of indeterminate identity has made his last journey. But, in life he was a noisy bugger – always blowing bubbles and banging against the side of the tank. When I would tap the side of the tank he would come and nuzzle on the other side of the glass. Kathryn would ask him if he want some food, out-loud, and he would excitedly bob at the corner of his tank – he was a cute fish.

When it was feeding time he would do a wobbly thing that made us know he was hungry. People say Goldfish have a two second memory but I reckon they have advanced cognitive powers. I mean, I how do they test a gold fish’s memory? Flash Cards?

Even if they do have flash cards to debunk the myth of a two second gold fish memory then the fish would be left there thinking that they are not going to stand for that crap much longer. Oh, not that card again.”

So, farewell, Ted and Bill – you were there when we needed you.

By Andy B*

Ijo Pona is the Harrogate adventure blog written by a Funny Little Man. Andy is a freelance web designer in Harrogate and he is also a well-received sound artist and runs a mastering studio in Yorkshire. The Wire Magazine once described him as "... difficult to dislike." Still at my most enthusiastic and naive.

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