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Working With Lee Perry

I have been in contact with my hero, Lee Perry. Lee “Scratch” Perry is a massive influence on me and the music I make, when I am making Dub Reggae.

Lee Perry is attributed with being the first person to use a sample in a pop record – before that is was the avant-garde who sampled exterior sound sources. It was a track called ‘Funny Little Boy’ – he took the recording of a baby crying and used that. He was also the massively successful producer for Bob Marley and the man who is credited with switching on Marley with the ideas of Rastafarianism.

He is a massive hero of mine because we suffer from a similar illness – I try and mask mine but Perry cries havoc and lets people have it with both barrels. He is cool…

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Photographer unknown

But, what was it that I was doing with him?

Well, he put a call out for potential collaborator on Facebook – I follow the legend on Facebook. After a short conversation by email we had nailed what we wanted him to say, if he sprinkled some of his magic on to it…


I thought ‘great’ plenty to work with. I started chopping and splicing the audio so that we had shoutouts or our podcast, Roots Conversation – it is after all, a roots reggae podcast.

But I received two more emails from Lee “Scratch” Perry with even more audio…


I was in my element – so, I now have thirty-ish samples and shout outs for Roots Conversation.

As you can hear, some of the audio is a bit rough. Hell, it was recorded on his phone as his wife was doing the dinner or the pots. But, it is something special to me.

I am chuffed that it is happening – I am chuffed that it happened.

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