Well, I Failed The #365BlogChallenge

Well I have failed the challenge I set myself last December – I had hoped to Blog everyday through 2021 but I could not find the time to research, write up and publish the posts. I could not Blog everyday. #365BlogChallenge is over for this year but never say never on a fresh attempt…

Why did I fail?

I set out to improve my situation through blogging – I thought that the act of living a well documented creative life would spur me on to do more creative things. I thought that if I was documenting my creativity, here on Ijo Pona, it would spur me on to create for the sake of creating. But, it just made me create for the sake of documenting the end result. And, Art is a process. It is a journey that people go on to become more connected to themselves and their environments.

I was documenting the end result and that was poisonous.

I also failed because I live a pretty boring life in lock down – who the hell would want to read a blog post about a trip to the super-market. The banality of the posts I was producing was a bit embarrassing. I was not reading the posts.

I was not reading the posts – and, after all, this blog is for me, myself and nobody else. It is a hell of a ego trip to think you can create a public to report to. Other than my family checking in, I doubt many people wanted to find out about my May Day Mix.

I started the #365BlogChallenge to try and make myself a better writer, better at getting my point across. But, this was a one-sided conversation. I was not engaging with anyone – it was quantity over quality. I was writing for the sake of writing and the results were Bobbins.

So, I will continue the Blog in a few weeks, when I have something interesting to say – w/e round ups and Points of Interest. Things of note and notes of things – not the ego trip that this blog had morphed in to.

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