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Well, I Am Part Of A Podcast

Guerrilla Dub System Sharer

I am unsure if anyone other than my immediate friends knows I am part of Guerrilla Dub System. We had quite a few top-five hits in the charts years ago and never really capitalised on it by playing out live.

Allan went off to Drop Leg Steppers and I disappeared up my Sound Art. But it was fun whilst it lasted – we still have a heap of stuff we were working on together but never got around to releasing.

Maybe now, in Lock Down, it is time to revisit those forgotten recordings?

Either way, we have both moved on from that time of staying up all night at Creao Studio to find the perfect snare – it got a bit toxic in all honesty. In that it became all consuming; we were going without sleep for the sake of the music, not eating but drinking far too much.

So, three years later, where does Guerrilla Dub System stand in 2020?

As mentioned we have a few unreleased works. But, we also now have a podcast!

Our podcast is called Roots Conversation and it is a roots reggae podcast. We play all the music we wish we had made on our podcast. We are joined by DJ Scooby (from Sound Of Wonder) and we talk nonsense for an hour, all over perfectly good records.

Roots Conversation

The pod is available on most platforms – we have it on Apple Podcasts / iTunes, Google Podcasts and TuneIn. It is a lot of fun to do. If you want to see the full range of subscription options for Roots Conversation, click HERE.

We went through an agency called Syndicast – I have been dealing with a person called Zoltan there. He is really calm and puts all of my worries to rest. I recommend Syndicast wholeheartedly.

Scooby has just signed up to them for his show, Sound Of Wonder – I will keep you posted on that. I am the producer for the show so I keep my hand in it. It is a world music radio show.

So far we have had close to 500 listeners to our podcast. Most of the people are in Belgium and then the second highest figure is the UK, then America. We seem to be doing well on Apple Podcasts / iTunes. Not bad for being live less than a week and a relative newcomer to the industry.

Yes, I am happy with this… Check out this link to subscribe! For more information on Guerrilla Dub System head to www.theGDS.website.

Thanks for reading x

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