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“The Cloud Of Unknowing”

With a firm nod of the head to Neoplatonic Classical Theology, I released an album today called “The Cloud Of Unknowing” – it’s ace! I am unsure who wrote The Cloud Of Unknowing (or, indeed of it is an actual book and not a phantasm of my fevered mind) but I have taken inspiration / confusion from the the ideal of Neoplatonic Forms and that for every object there is a metaphysical ‘ideal’ form.

Kind of applies to situations. Where you are having a bad time there is an ‘Ideal’ time to strive towards and aim at. I am having a ball and preparing for the downturn – most of my healthy time is spent preparing for the downturn, which is why I take it in my stride now.

But, the album was recorded at Dragon Perch Studio in the small hours. I set up a Grendel Drone Commander, Gristliser Clone and an assortment of pedals and made an earphoned noise. It is released under the pseudonym Forward! For Noise. You can check the release HERE.



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