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Recording The Parish News

It is currently early Wednesday morning, eleventh of November 2020 – I have just recorded a new edition of The Parish News, as Kathryn slept nearby. Here is the show for you to listen to:

When I make a new edition of The Parish News I try and make a new cover for it, so that it is constantly fresh. This is this week’s…

Ijo Pona - 220

This have been good so far with the show – I have missed only a couple of deadlines with Resonance Extra. It is a real feather in my cap to be broadcast by that network.

I am also broadcast on Soundart Radio in Totnes, Devon – they are a really decent community arts station who were one of the first people to pick me up.

I am also broadcast on my home-town’s station, Harrogate Community Radio. But that goes without saying as I am one of the admin of the station.

I aim to keep going up to Episode #500 of the shows, then I may take a break (may not). It is a lot of fun to make and I have it almost as a reflex.

I get a lot of the music from PR Companies and the rest I buy myself – everyone needs a hobby 🙂

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