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I have been awake a few nights, now; my feet are swelling up and they are quite painful. Not much sleep is being achieved. But, this does afford other opportunities; I managed to watch the sun rise whilst listening to a great compilation called “Summer Is Icumen In: The Pagan Sound Of British & Irish Folk, 1966-75“. The front cover is great! Thanks to Mrs Moons from the local radio for that tip off

I also started to look for cameras to buy, after unsuccessfully bidding on a v, v good+ camera.

I started looking at all of the reviews and a lot of the videos were Dream Camera vs. Cheaper Alternative… then, that gave way to Cheaper Alternative vs. Alternative Camera… then, that gave way to Alternative Camera vs. Camera I Already Own… then, that in turn gave way to Camera I Already Own vs. Dream Camera and I managed to talk myself out of parting with the final yearly quarter’s rent for 2021.

Well, the camera I have is a Ricoh GR ii. It is amazing – to quote one video (lost the the URL) “… you can keep your Leica, Leica-Boy; I shoot with the GR ii!”

And it is a lot of fun. I sent around my flat having a crack at being a pro…

Ijo Pona - R0001851

I am now of the thought that you should buy photography books and not photography gear. After all, by the time I can afford my Dream Camera then it will be obsolete. I have all of the equipment I need for now. Learn how to use is and to study Photography as an art (not a subject). And, definitely not as a shopping list…

I tried to make the images taken on my GR ii (when I edited them) in to something resembling the style of Andrzej Dregan, the Polish Photographer and Physicist. Whether I achieved that I am unsure, but it was fun trying to do so.

I am now looking forward to a long nights sleep, probably starting around 5pm…

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