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I Played A Gig At Tom’s

Pub Dub At Tom’s

Today I played a gig at Major Tom’s on The Ginnel. This was quite something as it was the first DJ Gig I have played this year – we are two months in to 2020 and gigs have been sparse, I am glad I had the outing.

I would like to say Here is a recording of the mix I made…” but I did not want to put my machine through the ardours of recording and playing a gig at the same time – little by little.

The manager said he enjoyed the vibe I made and that he would want me back – later on in the evening he said he would need to run it past his bosses; but we will see where it lands me.

Set up: I had a Traktor S4, Traktor F1 and a MacBook Pro. The cable that the mixer (S4) was plugged in to was a bit wafty so that needed changing over half way through the gig. I will have to bring my own cables up there, should it go ahead.

But, here is hoping I do get the gig…

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