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Back In To Field Recording

Back in to field recording – I am glad I am, too.

I went for a bimble today and I used it as an excuse to celotape two microphones to my head. I have the gear – I am just not using it to the extent I hoped I would have the faculties to do so. What gear? Field recording gear, silly.

Field recording is capturing the audio heritage of a location. Capturing the happenstance of chance meetings and bird song, trees rumblings and downpours.

Here is the recording form today –

It is of a walk to Claro Road, down the back of Ten Devonshire. It had quie a bit of wind noise that I edited out.

The recording is now part of a project I have revamped called Sound Map Of Harrogate. That is a hoot – I spend far too long on these projects. But, first, sleep… I am knackered after pulling an all nighter.

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