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Andy Must Get Field Recording Again

Andy must get field recording again; it is important for him.

Other than speaking about myself in the second and third person, I, Andy B*, have a fondness for Field Recording – I have had a few successes with it, being reviewed positively in The Wire.

To motivate me, I set all sorts of schemes – this is one of them…Ijo Pona - sound map

iIt is a website called A Sound Map Of Harrogate. I collect the audio heritage fo the town and try and present it to anyone who has an interest, which at present is a series of Bots from China.

The thing that is holding me back from it is that I struggle to get outside; not due to work commitments (although that plays a big part) but due to being prone to loafing. I enjoy a loaf and this getting outdoors lark is a bit counter intuitive to it.

S’pose I could make a sound map of my flat?