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A Tiding Of Magpies

I have yet to mention on this Blog that I am in a band along with quite an acclaimed Poet. Our venture is A Tiding Of Magpies – a Dark Folk duo. We have our first official release on the the latest COLDSPRING CDHail You Be Soverigns …

A Tiding Of Magpies

As you can / can’t see from the album inlay, it is a compilation of the cream of the British Dark Folk scene.’ How we got on it I do not know.

The track in question is called Coleman Grey.’ It is based on a story collected in Robert Hunt’s The Drolls, Traditions and Superstitions of Old Cornwall, 3rd Edition (1881).” On the track, I make all of the noise and Prof. Oz Hardwick is the voice that you will hear. It is a pleasure to work with my good friend, Oz.

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