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8am Dash // The Parish News

I had an 8am Dash to the computer to make this week’s The Parish News.

I admit I just did not have the energy to make a show late last night. So, I went to bed and recouped. Waking up early gave me the time to make this –

It is quite a good show. Because I had just woken up – and wasn’t getting ready for bed, tired – I had more time for the links.

Normally when I record my show, The Parish News, the links are almost an after-thought. That is infuriating to listen to when I am playing the show back to check my work – making me tireder and stroppier.

I should try and do the show early in the morning, when it is a pleasure and not a chore.

When I started at Resonance Extra, I figure I would use the studio at the top of the road every show – but Covid and lethargy has hampered that.

Time to up my game. Time to be my best.

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