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Earlier // yesterday, I sorted out the Newsletters I have for a few projects; I had too many newsletters, all for minor things. So, I gathered them together and made one ‘Andrew Backhouse’ Newsletter

It will cover The Parish News, Sound Map Of Harrogate, The Jazz Show and as an Artist.

I hope it will do okay. There will be a fair few ‘unsubscribes’ to start off with, but that is the lay of the land. I have told the folk on the newsletter that the intention, the goal posts have changed a bit – here is hoping they stick this time.

If you want to sign up to the newsletter head HERE – alternatively, I will embed a sign-up form on the archive page of this site.

… hell, I may throw in a widget? The system for the delivery for my newsletters is Drip – I really recommend it. Once you have verified you email sending address there is zero chance of the email hitting the recipient’s spam filter and going to junk. It is worth the outlay.

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