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A 10% Double IPA

Published 13 March 2021 in Review (Of Sorts) - 0 Comments

Spent most of the day asleep after polishing off the remaining Birthday beers. Kathryn bought me a crate from Brass Castle – I am very pleased with them; the bees were not pushing me out of my comfort zone and I was enjoying them…. Then, along came Mind Sweeper, the 10% Double IPA. View this […]

The Luxury Of Discernment

Published 4 March 2021 in Review (Of Sorts) - 0 Comments

The typical ten-year-old violinist can’t tell the difference between a cheap instrument and a Guarneri. Just as a harried road man simply wolfs down a hamburger, not really worried or aware of its provenance or flavour. And a bureaucrat buys whatever is cheapest and meets spec, without regard for how well it is designed or the […]

Help! Desk!

Published 16 February 2021 in Review (Of Sorts) - 0 Comments

I have been busy building a help desk for the station I volunteer at. The Help Desk runs in and comes as part of the Chat Widget I installed for the hosts of the shows. The Widget escalated quickly and then there was the help desk. Do you want to see the Help Desk? […]

My New Media Set Up

Published 24 January 2021 in Review (Of Sorts) - 1 Comment

I needed a music set up that would work with SONOS and my iPhone – something that would help me store my massive collection(s) of music. I thought about Apple Music – But, I have several Libraries for that; a Dub Library for Guerrilla Dub System, an arty Library for regular poncing and other, different […]

A Review: #OutThereTogether

Published 16 January 2021 in Review (Of Sorts) - 0 Comments

Hi, I am Andy & I’d like to talk about Open Country and their show #OutThereTogether. Why? Because it is genius, that is why – but, first I have to state a case for it. I admit I am biased when it comes to ‘this sort of thing’ because I do ‘this sort of thing’ as […]

Cheeky Work Blog Post

Published 5 January 2021 in Review (Of Sorts) - 0 Comments

I wrote this for my work Blog – you can read that at – As a content marketing strategist, I am often asked about Blog writing, especially when it comes to an emphasis on SEO. I may have previously mentioned in my posts about Content Marketing Strategy, SEO (or, Search Engine Optimisation) plays a key […]

Christmastide 2020

Published 25 December 2020 in Review (Of Sorts) - 0 Comments

Christmas started a couple of days ago for me – I recorded Roots Conversation and drank a bit, the gift giving started then. Scooby & K-Lo gave me a clear vinyl 2018 repress of Creation Rebel, Adrian Sherwood’s tour de force. It is right good. I gave them this photo…   It is a photo […]

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