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The Jazz Show In Harrogate

Published 15 March 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I am very fortunate (privileged?) to host The Jazz Show on Harrogate Community Radio – it is a monthly toe-dip in to Modal and Spiritual, Hard Bop and Free. It is all the funs. An episode was broadcast on Sunday at 4pm – I was unaware of this happening at the time as I was […]

March (Of The) Newsletter

Published 14 March 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

Hello – hope you are well? I have a brief moment of spare time so I thought I would share a few things with you… Jazz On The Radio My monthly foray in to tamed, structured music continues – yes, it is time for The Jazz Show, Sunday at 4pm.  You can tune in by […]

8am Dash // The Parish News

Published 12 March 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I had an 8am Dash to the computer to make this week’s The Parish News. I admit I just did not have the energy to make a show late last night. So, I went to bed and recouped. Waking up early gave me the time to make this – It is quite a good show. […]

Mail Shout

Published 11 March 2021 in Creativity , Uncategorised - 0 Comments

Typed this up for the station I volunteer at – it is a Newsletter. Howdy! Hope you’re well? Spring is Springing and I have some exciting Station News for everyone. We have 2 new, amazing series starting this weekend!  On Saturday at 2pm Our Gate starts on Harrogate Community Radio. It is a community show, by the […]

3 Releases From Focused Silence

Published 7 March 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I will go in to more detail nearer the time – but I am pleased with these releases; it seems a return to form for the label. I run Focused Silence, the experimental label in Yorkshire. What are these releases? Well… Ben Glas Ben Glas is a composer based in Berlin studying towards his MA. […]

Find Me On Good Reads!

Published 6 March 2021 in Creativity , Uncategorised - 0 Comments

A website for reading. Reading books. Not reading the code or the text on the site. A website about literature; Good Reads, that’s its name. Admittedly, it is aimed for Kindle readers – but, there are heaps normal books being rated there. And, indeed, that is what the site does. Good Reads is the website […]

Designing A Flyer

Published 3 March 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I have turned my hand to design when it is asked for – sometimes when it is not asked for. Alway with mixed vegetables. How ever I am proud of this flyer design I have made up… inordinately proud! Not bad are they…. A good friend of the station, one of the hosts is playing […]

Imposter Syndrome

Published 2 March 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I have been humming and haa-ing for years now about a return to education – I have been accepted on Bachelor Of Laws, Masters Of Arts, BA Degrees and National Diplomas – but I have not stuck them out… Why the flackiness? Because I am already achieving. I am a middle weight designer specialising in […]

Is It A Fail?

Published 26 February 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I have stretched the terms of #365BlogChallenge – I am meant to be blogging every day. But, I have had a hell of a busy week. I have changed servers for all of the sites that I build to a Vultr Cloud server. Lightning quick and great support – they really know their digital onions. […]