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A Review Of The Band Fold // Bedfest 2013

Published 9 June 2013 in Creativity - 0 Comments

[] Last night saw me at Bedfest in Knaresborough. It was (and hopefully will be again) a music event held at Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre in Knaresborough – a thoroughly decent charitable cause. The final act of the nights was a group called FOLD - they were mind blowingly good! Think of Kruder & Dorfmeister’s […]

A Tiding Of Magpies

Published 5 February 2013 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I have yet to mention on this Blog that I am in a band along with quite an acclaimed Poet. Our venture is A Tiding Of Magpies – a Dark Folk duo. We have our first official release on the the latest COLDSPRING CD – Hail You Be Soverigns … As you can / can’t see from […]

In the middle of something ….

Published 25 January 2013 in Creativity - 0 Comments

“text-align: justify;”>… founding a record label to be exact. When it fleshes out I will be the first to tell you all about it. Any-hoo, what have you been upto? I have not slept for 36 hours and no longer know the difference between right and wrong. It may be 7pm but I am off […]

I Got To Interview My Hero

Published 11 January 2013 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I wrote the following interview for the up and coming music video outfit, Sektion Red – they allowed me to put it on my own blog too. J-Zen is one of my musical heroes and it was an absolute privilege to talk to him – J-Zen is a French producer who has been fascinated by the […]

Natural Radio

Published 16 November 2012 in Creativity - 0 Comments

The earth is alive with its own radio broadcasts. Lightning, the solar wind and solar storms create a variety of radio signals that surround us and lie just beyond our reach. They lie just beyond our perception because although their frequencies fall within the range of human hearing, they are radio waves that our ears […]

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