Mowbray House

I have been awake a few nights, now; my feet are swelling up and they are quite painful. Not much sleep is being achieved. But, this does afford other opportunities; I managed to watch the sun rise whilst listening to a great compilation called “Summer Is Icumen In: The Pagan Sound Of British & Irish… Continue reading Mowbray House


There was an admin meeting for the station tonight. It was the first proper, facilitated meeting I have attended. Karen led it and she. Knows her onions. We covered a lot of ground and we have agreed to try and lessen my load. I have a great team of people supporting me and they are… Continue reading #GoTeam

I Made A Quick Mix

There have been holes made in the schedule of HCR – so, I have put in my pitch. The show has vocals over the top, but below you can hear just the mix. w/ Crump / CharcoalShielding / ReservTwo Shell / Heart PieceCocktail Party Effect / War on CodexThe Black Dog / OshoRise Black /… Continue reading I Made A Quick Mix


Tell me when you’re going to finish. Tell me if you fall behind. Don’t make me ask. It’s difficult for a small organisation or a dedicated craftsperson to run an operation as punctually as a large bureaucracy. After all, the bureaucracy exists mainly to be sure that deadlines are honoured and variances are not exceeded.… Continue reading Wood

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Wireframing In Figma

I am nearing the middle of a course in UX and Design with Google – it is proving quite a taxing challenge. As part of it, I had to create a prototype app. I will embed it below. The course needs more of a write up – maybe that is something for my work blog?… Continue reading Wireframing In Figma